10 Things that Might Surprise You About My Career


10 Things that Might Surprise You About My Career

Some of you might be wondering what my career as an online coach involves. In today’s world, the word “coach” is used in a variety of ways…fitness coach, life coach, gym coach, football coach, business coach, etc. Frankly, a coach could be a kind of instructor, teacher, trainer, and I sometimes like to think of it as a “tour guide.”

Why you ask? Well, aside from that fact that I am a seasoned fitness professional who has worked in the industry (group fitness instructor, personal trainer, etc.), I am also someone who has been on a fitness journey for a number of years. By “fitness journey” I mean that I’ve been working on improving my health and fitness because it has been a top priority and goal. 

Along this journey, I have stumbled and risen and come across many tools that are helpful and not-so-helpful, and I am passionate about sharing this information with others! I also really love seeing others succeed because I know how amazing it feels to be “lit up” on the inside with a sense of pride and confidence. 

10 Things that Might Surprise You About My Career

So I thought it would be fun to put together a list of  things you might not know about what I do! I’d love to know which one was the most surprising!

  1. #1  –  Working out and drinking a healthy smoothie every day is actually part of my job description. 
  2. #2  –  My work uniform is a sports bra and yoga pants, and I even wear this to “business” meetings!
  3. #3  –  My personal and professional life is filled to the brim with others who are trying to become and stay healthy. It’s such positive influence on me and my family!
  4. #4  –  I can work from anywhere, as long I have my smart phone and a wifi connection.
  5. #5  –  One of my daily to-dos is to genuinely connect with and meet new like-minded people.
  6. #6  –  Instead of coworkers, I have team members, and we focus on collaboration instead of competition.
  7. #7  –  My income is directly connected to how well I help and serve others.
  8. #8  –  Part of my work is helping other women break through barriers, hit their goals, and boost their confidence. Truly female empowerment. This is so flipping cool!
  9. #9  –  I have the best of both worlds: the flexibility and income potential of an entrepreneur, but the social support and connections of a super efficient large-scale company (that actually cares!).
  10. #10  –  My career continues to sharpen and mold me into the absolute best version of myself: a person who makes a difference in this world. And that, makes me feel like I am on track with the big, important things in life. 🙂

Not to shabby?! 😉 Did any of these surprise you? If you want to learn more about what I do, and come ask me questions directly and get answers right away, join my live Q&A event going on over on Facebook right now! There’s a few fun giveaways happening too! Also, feel free to reach out with questions via email: ToCoachCory@gmail.com.

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