Anna Kristine’s Challenge Transformation

Anna Kristine’s Transformation If you didn’t know, I run monthly wellness groups and fitness challenges! It’s such a super fun way to make new friends, stretch outside of your comfort zone, and work toward your goals. I might not always mention it publicly, but there are some amazing things happening in those groups!  AMAZING challenge […]

Healthy Body Image – Kids

  Healthy Body Image – Kids “Mom, will working out make me skinnier?!” I’ve got to admit, when my 8 year old daughter said these words to me recently (especially the word “skinnier”), I immediately went on the defense – worried that someone had made fun of her or called her names. As a mom, and […]

CrossFit: Misconceptions and My Experience

CrossFit: Misconceptions and My Experience Do you do CrossFit? Before I started CrossFit, I had a LOT of misconceptions. But I guess that’s how it is whenever we decide to try something new. Random people’s opinions (informed or not) get circulated around and we take them as gospel, until we decide to look into it […]