Thanksgiving Wellness Guide

Thanksgiving Wellness Guide Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. friends! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is a time to focus on gratitude, family, and love. I know that food takes front and center during this holiday, but we can absolutely have a happy and healthy thanksgiving. I’d love to share my guide to thanksgiving […]

Upper Body Workout Lower Body Injury

Upper Body Workout Lower Body Injury     It’s not easy to workout when you really can’t bend your knee much due to an injury that required stitches. But, I’m so thankful for my friend suggesting that I workout in her home gym, since I didn’t have certain pieces of equipment at home! You can […]

Core de Force – Kickboxing MMA Workout

  Core de Force – Kickboxing MMA Workout I’m so excited for this Kickboxing/MMA Workout, also known as Core de Force! What did you think of the Core De Force sneak peek on Beachbody On Demand this past Monday?!  For those who missed it, Core de Force is a workout mix of kickboxing, cardio, and […]

Five Favorite Things – September 2016

Five Favorite Things – September 2016 Sometimes, you just wanna shout from the rooftops when something small makes your day. Know the feeling?! I realized that I’ve been doing this over on my Facebook page lately, and I wanted to do a round-up to share here with you! Here are the 5 things I’m loving lately! 1.HIPPIE RUNNER HEADBAND […]

Beachbody Health Bet

Beachbody Health Bet Beachbody is giving away up to 3 million dollars with the Beachbody Health Bet!! What if I told you that in the month of September you could not only get fit, feel better, healthier and happier – but also literally get paid for it? Click here to to watch my live video […]

Daily Nutrition Guidelines Adults Simplified

Daily Nutrition Guidelines Adults Simplified There is a ton of research about daily nutrition guidelines for adults, but what I’m sharing is NOT taken from any government or other nutritional organization. These guidelines are simply taken from trial and error, experience, and taking note of nutritional common sense.  These are a SIMPLIFIED version of nutrition guidelines for […]

Anna Kristine’s Challenge Transformation

Anna Kristine’s Transformation If you didn’t know, I run monthly wellness groups and fitness challenges! It’s such a super fun way to make new friends, stretch outside of your comfort zone, and work toward your goals. I might not always mention it publicly, but there are some amazing things happening in those groups!  AMAZING challenge […]

Annual Beachbody Coach Summit 2016

ANNUAL BEACHBODY COACH SUMMIT 2016 As a health coach who partners with a major wellness corporation, Beachbody, I have the good fortune of having access to a gigantic network of amazingly positive individuals. Beachbody organizes an annual celebration for coaches, called Coach Summit, and this year’s event was held in Nashville!  It’s such a fun opportunity […]

Inside Scoop: NEW Country Line-Dancing Workout

  Inside Scoop: NEW Country Line-Dancing Workout   Hey fellow workout lovers! Does dancing bring you joy, energize you, and light you on fire?! It does for me!! 😀    If so, I couldn’t let this unicorn go by without sharing the inside scoop! Brand spanking new country line-dancing workout launching soon!   So, what’s it […]

Overcoming an Injury in Fitness

Overcoming an Injury in Fitness How did I get injured, you might ask?! This is my “poor me” selfie while my husband Nick was in the store getting me bandages. ðŸ˜ LOL! Recently, clumsy me fell on a crack in the sidewalk while walking into a holiday party. I had to get 6 stitches in my knee. What an […]