Daily Nutrition Guidelines Adults Simplified

Daily Nutrition Guidelines Adults Simplified There is a ton of research about daily nutrition guidelines for adults, but what I’m sharing is NOT taken from any government or other nutritional organization. These guidelines are simply taken from trial and error, experience, and taking note of nutritional common sense.  These are a SIMPLIFIED version of nutrition guidelines for […]

5 Healthy Snacks for Travel

  5 Healthy Snacks for Travel   Did you catch my live video on my Facebook like page?!    I shared my favorite five healthy snacks that I always pack when traveling!  If you didn’t catch it, be sure to head over to my Facebook like page to check it out!   To Watch the Video: FB.com/CoryMillerFitness. […]

1-Day Meal Plan Inspiration (21 Day Fix)

  1-Day Meal Plan Inspiration (21 Day Fix) Hey fitness warriors! Are you looking for some meal plan inspiration?!  If you’re anything like me, then you are always looking for healthy meal and snack ideas that satisfy your tastebuds. Lately, my family and I have been obsessed with the Fixate cookbook by Autumn Calabrese. I […]

Healthy Holiday Hotlist: Staying on Track in December

  Healthy Holiday Hotlist: Staying on Track in December Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet?! Oh wait, is that Jingle Bells I hear… As you know, I’m all about keeping health and fitness in mind, even during December. But I do think it’s all about balance, however you define it. So for you I’ve collected […]

Paleo Recipes – Part 1

Since the last guest post we shared from Carrie Dadey , the Paleo Diet is obviously one hot topic! So, in an effort to continue to empower you with information that will help you reach your goals by eating health and staying active, I have included some popular paleo recipes that are Paleo friendly and easy […]

My Paleo Journey: Paleo Diet What Can I Eat?

(Guest Blog by Carrie Dadey) When I embarked upon my Paleo journey to help my son overcome his digestive issues, I read many books and blogs that were dedicated to naturally healing through diet. The same advice was repeated in nearly every source. None of the diets were based on the food pyramid that we […]

Why Paleo? A quick intro to the Paleo Diet

Guest Post by Carrie Dadey Why Paleo? The latest trend in diets is actually the oldest trend in human diets: the Paleo diet, a diet that attempts to go back in time before the advent of modern food processing and focus on eating foods that can be hunted or gathered.  Some people stop considering it as […]