Five Favorite Things – September 2016

Five Favorite Things – September 2016 Sometimes, you just wanna shout from the rooftops when something small makes your day. Know the feeling?! I realized that I’ve been doing this over on my Facebook page lately, and I wanted to do a round-up to share here with you! Here are the 5 things I’m loving lately! 1.HIPPIE RUNNER HEADBAND […]

Healthy Holiday Hotlist: Staying on Track in December

  Healthy Holiday Hotlist: Staying on Track in December Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet?! Oh wait, is that Jingle Bells I hear… As you know, I’m all about keeping health and fitness in mind, even during December. But I do think it’s all about balance, however you define it. So for you I’ve collected […]

Shake it Off!

Shake it Off! If you have committed to leading a healthier life, you most likely have researched the foods you should be consuming daily to help you achieve your nutrition goals and optimize your workouts.  Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains should top your list of must-haves.  And, because you are striving to eat […]

Healthy Kid-Friendly Lunches – For Moms Too!

With kids back at school, you are facing one of the issues that never fails to challenge parents with school-age kids – creating healthy lunches.  Having picky youngsters can make it difficult to know what to pack, especially when you want them to eat healthy. Another statistic that is rising is the fact that 1 […]