Annual Beachbody Coach Summit 2016

ANNUAL BEACHBODY COACH SUMMIT 2016 As a health coach who partners with a major wellness corporation, Beachbody, I have the good fortune of having access to a gigantic network of amazingly positive individuals. Beachbody organizes an annual celebration for coaches, called Coach Summit, and this year’s event was held in Nashville!  It’s such a fun opportunity […]

What is an Online Fitness Challenge?

What is an Online Fitness Challenge? I wanted to do this live video on Facebook because I have been getting a lot of questions about my online challenges.  Funny story…I filmed a regular video first, and I wasn’t going to do a live video until I had my hair and makeup done. But, let’s be […]

22-Minute Hard Corps Progress

22-Minute Hard Corps Progress Are you doing 22-Minute Hard Corps too?! My husband and I have been doing it together and holding each other accountable (even when we are soo not motivated)! I’ve even learned some new moves along the way. 🙂 Here is my 22-Minute Hard Corps diary so far. Check it out! … […]

What Makes a Good Health Coach?

What Makes a Good Health Coach? Have you ever wondered what makes a good Beachbody health coach? Good health coaches are really needed to help put a dent in the health crisis in the United States. And many people cannot find it in themselves to improve their health until they have a caring coach to […]

Do I Have to be Skinny to be in Fitness? (VIDEO)

Do I Have to be Skinny to Be in Fitness?   I’d like to share with ou why you DON’T have to be skinny to pursue your passion for fitness. I have been involved in fitness for over 15 years in a variety of ways: as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness director, personal […]

Is Being a WAHM “Work-At-Home Mom” Really Possible?

Is Being a WAHM (“Work At Home Mom”) Really Possible? Is Being a WAHM (“Work At Home Mom”) Really Possible? I know what you might be thinking….how the heck do people luck out with a “work from home” gig? Maybe you’re where I was…with a typical corporate job and some kiddos waiting for me at home. […]

What is Periscope? (And Why You Need It In Your Life!)

What is Periscope? (And Why You Need It In Your Life!) Are you on Periscope yet?! I’m live broadcasting! I do a new Periscope at least a couple of times a week! Live video is Where.It’s.At. So much fun! 🙂 You might be thinking…Cory, what is Periscope? Here are some fun facts: It’s an app […]

Feeling down? Dance it Out with Cize!

Feeling down? Dance it out with Cize! Have you tried Cize yet?? Here are some screen shots from a Cize video Jenelle (in pink), Liza (in purple) and I did recently! You can watch the full video below. I posted it my Facebook page here too if you’d like to watch the video and leave comments […]

What is Beachbody Coaching?

  What is Beachbody Coaching? Have you ever wondered exactly what it is we do as Beachbody coaches? I think many people have misconceptions about what Beachbody coaching is all about…I know I did! I had a TON of hesitations…for example, was I going to have to be an icky salesperson? (which I DEFINITELY did […]

You Don’t Have to Be Skinny To Be In Fitness

  You Don’t Have to Be Skinny To Be in Fitness! As a mom of 3, there are three reasons why you shouldn’t let your current weight hold you back! Join My Team!